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Using The

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You should have an attendant or friend nearby while doing sessions

The following conditions may require extra care when using all types of saunas:

Medication. RARELY, heating the body may alter the properties or effects of a medication. This could occur with corticosteroids, for example. Consult the prescribing physician, if this is a concern.

High Blood Pressure. The Super Sauna in general does not raise blood pressure. However, begin with shorter sessions and check blood pressure every ten minutes, if you have a history of high blood pressure, and/or, are concerned.

Past Use of LSD or other Psychedelic Drugs. Flashbacks can occur, including full-blown LSD trips, as stored drugs are mobilized from tissue storage sites. If at all possible, have an attendant or friend present during sauna use.

Multiple Sclerosis. These patients may be extremely heat sensitive. Begin with shorter sessions and have an attendant present in case extreme weakness should occur. However, some doctors report saunas can be very positive for people with multiple sclerosis.

Respiratory Conditions. Some experience breathing difficulty in saunas. Often this will improve as you acclimate to sweating. Be sure to sit up or stand comfortably and breathe slowly and deeply concentrating on exhaling fully.

Lymph Node Removal. If you had lymph nodes removed, for example during breast cancer surgery, circulation in the arms will be slightly impaired. In our experience, Super Sauna (Photon Genius) sessions are still excellent.
Begin with short sessions to see if there are any problems with circulation. Always proceed gently and gradually.

Diabetes. Begin with less time in the Super Sauna (Photon Genius) and observe any unusual changes in blood sugar. Typically, there is no significant increase to the metabolic rate, increased blood sugar levels or utilization of glucose.

Sensory Nerve Damage. Exercise caution if you have had an injury, illness or skin graft that caused sensory nerve damage so you do not feel heat.

Pregnancy. Consult your doctor and proceed conservatively under the guidance of your healthcare professional. We suggest spending no more than 10 minutes at a time and have a maximum of four sessions per week. Exposure to intense heat during the first trimester of pregnancy could slightly increase the risk of birth defects. We suggest exercising caution.

Saunas and Breastfeeding. While it is probably safe, there are currently no studies on toxins being released during sessions finding their way into breast milk. Until relavent studies are performed, it would be prudent to reduce or avoid intense therapy while breastfeeding. The only exception would be if it is a matter of immediate importance to the mother.

Menstruation. Menstruating women may experience a temporary increase in menstrual flow due to heating the low back. You need not avoid use, but be aware that it may occur.

Children. In general, using only the Super Sauna Light Technology is safe for children to use with the supervision of an adult. Children under ten years old should not use the Super Sauna with the Energy Infrared Heat turned on without Professional evaluation, consultation and supervision.
*Note: children’s sweat glands are less developed than adults.

Adult Men. Testicles may remain cooler than the rest of the body. Technically, it may be best to avoid direct infrared irradiation to testicles if you are concerned about fertility.. A 1988 paper from Finland reported no evidence that hot air sauna use decreases sperm count in men. However, infrared may have a more powerful effect due to deep tissue heating.

Seniors. Age, per se, is not a contraindication for sauna use. One’s health status is far more important. In Finland, nearly 90% of those over age 80 are reported to be using saunas regularly. Dr. Jonathan Halperin, professor of internal medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York wrote: “Moderate sauna use is safe for most older people, but diabetics and anyone being treated for heart or circulatory conditions should check with their doctor, particularly if they are taking medications.” (reported by Dorothy Bernstein, Good Housekeeping Magazine)

Prostheses, Silicone Implants or Metallic Pins or Rods in the Body. Always consult the Medical Practitioner that performed these procedures and installations prior to using infrared saunas. These could heat up in an infrared sauna. It has not been documented that metal is affected by infrared heat. Begin with short sessions in the Super Sauna, becoming aware of any unusual sensations in the area(s) of the prostheses, implant(s) and/or pins.

Wheelchairs and Crutches. The Super Sauna may be used by those on crutches or in wheelchairs, as well as motorized wheelchairs and scooters.

Jewelry. We suggest removing your jewelry prior to beginning your Super Sauna (Photon Genius) session. Wearing jewelry is not advisable when the infrared is activated.

Dental Amalgams. You may use the Super Sauna (Photon Genius) even if you have silver amalgam dental fillings or other dental metals in your mouth.

Maximum Duration of Sessions. You can safely use an infrared sauna up to two hours per day provided you replace water and electrolytes and take at least two breaks. Two to three shorter sessions are preferable, spread out through the day. If you are debilitated, begin a program with less time in the sauna.

Dangers of Mineral Imbalances. Some authorities recommend specific electrolyte replacement drinks. In our experience, consuming extra sea salt and kelp are usually sufficient to replace electrolytes. Drinking quality spring water also helps replace vital trace minerals. Use extra caution if you have very low hair tissue levels of calcium, magnesium, sodium or potassium until these levels improve.

Meals. It is recommended to use the sauna first thing in the morning. However, avoid using the sauna when very hungry. Anytime of the day is equally beneficial, allowing one hour before or after a light meal, and two to four hours after a heavy meal. It is okay to eat lightly 15 minutes after sauna therapy.

Elimination of Medications. During sauna therapy, you may eliminate residues of prescription and over-the-counter medications, often taken years ago. These medications can include stimulants, sedatives, antibiotics, novocaine, chemotherapy and many others. Their release from storage can cause “temporary” effects, similar to the action of the drug when first taken. For example, eliminating stored antibiotics might affect the intestinal flora temporarily, causing some diarrhea or constipation. Eliminating stored Novocaine can cause temporary numbness of the face or jaw. Usually these effects pass “quickly” as the residues are excreted.

Alcohol. Do not use alcohol before or during a Super Sauna session.

Burning From Heat. This is unlikely, as you will feel a burning sensation before an actual burn occurs. The burning feeling can be resolved by gently brushing the sensitive area with your hand briefly. This may be repeated as often as necessary to calm the sensitivity of the nerves of the skin. Some reddening of the skin normally occurs with using the Super Sauna (Photon Genius) and will go away within minutes to hours. You may also adjust your
position, moving slightly away from the Super Sauna (Photon Genius) and rotate slightly more often.

Danger Signals. While very rare, you could experience over-heating, if you use the Super Sauna (Photon Genius) too long. Danger signals are a rapid elevation of body temperature, cessation of sweating, a racing heart, and feeling extremely faint. If any of these occur, end the session right away.

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