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Super Sauna

The “Super Sauna” called Photon Genius:

First Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna (Near, Mid, Far controllable by owner)

First Energy Infrared Sauna (Skilling Proprietary Light Energy)

First Total Body (head to toe) “TARGETED” Infrared In History!

First Flexible Open Design

Transmits More Body Friendly Infrared Sauna Energy than any Infrared Sauna in the World (& no harmful EMFs)

That’s what you call a “SUPER SAUNA.”

Clearing, Balancing, Renewing & Strengthening

• Disinfects the Blood: Improves Circulation.

• Clears Heavy Metals: without stressing the detox organs.

• Neutralizes pathogens, reduces infections and the toxins that breed and feed them.

• Promotes elasticity of skin: gets rid of wrinkles, skin blemishes, cellulite, clears up varicose veins, stimulates the production of collagen, making the skin supple and “glowing” effect.

• Improves the performance of all organs and functions of the body.

• Increases the energy available to all cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body.

• Moves and balances all fluids of the body: dynamically moves and balances the lymph system (responsible for managing toxins throughout the body), and up-regulates all immune system functions.

• Defends the body against all toxic exposures: depending on how often and over what period of time you use it (daily, even twice daily, is best because our toxic exposures are daily and continually since birth).

Disinfects the Skin:

The skin is the largest organ of the body, with a total area of about 20 square feet. The skin protects us from microbes (as best it can) and the elements (pathogens and toxins), helps regulate body temperature, and permits the sensations of touch, heat, and cold. Most organisms that invade the body through the skin CANNOT be washed, or cleaned with any kind of soaps or cleansers.

The Skin has three layers:

• The epidermis, the outermost layer of skin, provides a semi-waterproof barrier and provides our skin tone.

• The dermis, beneath the epidermis, contains connective tissue, hair follicles, and sweat glands (all penetrable by live organisms, bacteria, etc.).

• The deeper subcutaneous tissue (hypodermis) is made of fat and connective tissue (where toxins, pathogens, infections, etc. are stored as a self-defense mechanism to protect internal, critical organs).
Improves Thermo-regulation: Mayo Clinic research documents:


“The thermo-regulatory control of human skin and blood flow is vital to the maintenance of normal body temperatures during challenges to thermal homeostasis. Blood flow is a critical factor for hormonal normalization of hot flashes, control of blood pressure, balancing blood sugars, etc. With body heating, the magnitude of skin vasodilation is striking: skin blood flow can reach 6 to 8 L/min during hyperthermia sessions.”

“Local thermal control of cutaneous (skin) blood vessels also contributes importantly—local warming of the skin can cause maximal vasodilation in healthy humans and includes starring roles for both local sensory nerves and production of nitric oxide.” “In type 2 diabetes mellitus, the ability of skin blood vessels to dilate is always impaired.”

Prevents and eliminates PAIN: Athletes Report: “I am never sore any more from rigorous workouts using the Photon Genius SUPER SAUNA.”

The combination of moving toxins (poisons) out of the body, eliminates muscle soreness from all activities and rigorous workouts. In addition, the energy of the Photon Genius Noble Gas Harmonics (electron light therapy) promotes the moving and balancing of all fluids of the body that minimizes adverse side effects from intense workouts and reduces “stiffness,” increases mobility and improves all function(s).

In addition, the “SUPER SAUNA targeted” infrared energies from the Photon Genius encourages the body’s increased production of Nitric Oxide (Science has labeled it the “MIRACLE MOLECULE” known to reverse and prevent heart disease! And, all blood related disorders). The increase in Nitric Oxide reinforces the body with improved oxygenation, circulation, and blood flow which helps athletic performance and all functions of the human body.

Increases the rate and efficiency of injury and wound healing:

Infrared has been studied in great depth by NASA and the military.

A NASA report states:


“Biologists have found that cells exposed to near-infrared light – that is, energy just outside the visible range – grow 150-200% faster than those cells not stimulated by such light. This form of light increases energy inside cells which results in speeding up the healing process…

Infrared, especially near infrared in the 600-1000 nm range, promotes fibroblast proliferation, enhance chondroplasia, up-regulates the synthesis of type I and type II pro-collagen mRNA, quickens bone repair and remodeling, fosters revascularization of wounds and overall accelerates tissue repair in experimental and clinical models.” Therapeutic Light, Rehab Management, (Jan/Feb 2004)

Tightens Skin, Removes and Prevents Cellulite:

Ever caught your rear-view reflection in a fancy changing room with angled mirrors and had a mini-breakdown? Until the Photon Genius there wasn’t anything much you could do except stay clothed…not much fun swimming in your clothes!


Carmen Cooper, clinical nutritionist calls it, “The ‘Mattress Phenomenon’ of pitting, bulging and deformation of the skin. The somewhat technical explanation is your collagen breaks down and your fat cells break free, racing to the surface for everyone to see.” “AKA, the lumpy stuff in your trunk that drives you to purchase a pair of spanks on the DL, and pray you don’t have a Bridget Jones’ moment of passion!”

“If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably turned into a cellulite MacGyver, trying to solve this unsightly conundrum, asking pressing questions like: Why do I have cellulite and she doesn’t? If I’m not overweight, how do I still have cellulite? Will it look suspicious if I back myself into the water at the beach? According to Cooper, TOXINS, not just “fat”, are a huge contributing influence to the formation of cellulite.” “Toxins create sluggish lymphatic systems and elimination organs (i.e. bowels, intestines), decrease connective tissue integrity, and create subcutaneous fat.”

Lymphatic movement and drainage:

“Cellulite severity is increased by interstitial fluid retention or congestion of toxins and pathogens. Lymph flow is not only a “cause” of cellulite, it is also further slowed down by the cellulite it causes,” says Cooper.

“As the lymphatic vessels have no muscles to pump the fluid with, a build-up naturally occurs, aggravating and increasing the fatty masses, and thus the increasing cellulite appearance. Capillary blood flow is also slowed, which accounts for most of the reduced lymph flow, as the former affects the latter. Any fluid here depends purely on tissue movement and efficient blood flow to work.”

“Aha! So we need to move our lymphatic system: to move the fluid – to move the toxins – to move the fat – to move the cellulite. Capisce?”

“Infrared saunas use infrared light (just beyond visible light) to generate deeply penetrating heat, at a light waveband that is easily absorbed by human tissues and cells,” says Cooper. “The skin is forced to excrete toxins through sweat, while the infrared energy triggers the release of toxins stored deep within your cells and tissues. Metabolism is increased. Calories are burned. Weight is lost. Body is cleansed. And, naturally with no negative side effects.”

Professionals report this SUPER SAUNA is the very best Sauna, Infrared, Light, and Heat Therapy they have ever experienced.

The ability of the user to control the heat settings on the Photon Genius allows the user to experience their SUPER SAUNA sessions in a variety of ways which is very favorable for the body to achieve wellness at all levels. It makes doing sessions fun, and generates the luxurious look and feel of “glowing!”

Clean the Blood = Clean the Liver:

The liver is an amazing organ. All the blood in your body goes through your liver every 3 minutes! It is one of the largest organs in the body and receives 25% of the blood that the heart pumps with each beat. The liver performs over 600 exotic “life giving & life saving” functions that are necessary to keep a person alive.

Malnutrition From Diseased Liver:

The liver also makes bile, which helps us absorb food and eliminate toxins. Bile salts, which come from the liver and are dumped into the intestine via the bile duct and through the Gallbladder, help us manage fats from our diet.

When the liver is overwhelmed for long periods of time and is not functioning well, bile may not be managed well which then gets re-absorbed by the blood and continues to breed and feed all infections and pathogens throughout the body. A whole host of symptoms and diagnoses ensue and continue throughout life until earlier death.

One of the liver's most important functions is to "detoxify" the blood.

The liver receives blood from the intestine. This blood is full of nutrients but also contains all the toxins and other chemicals that the liver cleans up before they enter the body’s circulation. In patients with very poor liver function, the liver may not ever be able to clean up the blood on its own.

Ammonia, which is a byproduct of protein metabolism, may accumulate as well as many other toxins produces from a malfunctioning liver.

Other chemicals that we are not able to see, identify, or be aware of, constantly build up as well. This leads to primary causes of all mental disorders and constantly interferes with mental states. THE ONLY ORGAN THAT GETS MORE BLOOD THAN THE LIVER IS THE BRAIN! Over time, liver malfunction can even cause brain swelling and coma.

The liver also helps the body fight infections and an inefficient liver breeds and feeds all infections throughout the body and over time becomes the “cause” of infections.

Only the Photon Genius has the Technologies, the Power, the Control, to Change and Reverse this equation by cleaning and disinfecting the blood which fixes the liver over time! Wow! This is Super Sauna Power from the inside out at the “Cause” level.

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For many, the biggest news about the Photon-Genius is its application in the evolving science of detoxification. At home and in clinics, the Photon-Genius infrared sauna is said to yield many benefits--including relief from different kinds of pain; stimulation of immune response; improvement in skin tone and conditions such as burns, eczema and acne; and the accelerated burning calories. But the detox application is health news that can benefit everyone.

Immune System & All Systems

The Photon-Genius conditions all the systems of the body which includes circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal, and urinary systems.

Bio Field Coherent Balance

The Photon-Genius promotes energetic balance and coherence. Fully functional coherence of the biofield is the new and most comprehensive definition of anti-aging therapy, born out of quantum physics. When quantum coherence is restored to the biofield, the healing power of the body is now known to be literally limitless, dwarfing the benefits of any mere biochemical manipulation.

Cancer... Diabetes.... Obesity... Dermatology Public health... Infectious diseases... Psychology... Cardiovascular...Stroke... Neurology... Gastrointestinal... Pediatrics... Breast cancer... Urology... Hiv... Alcohol... Women's health... Respiratory... Pain Alzheimer's... Bones... Eye health... Sexual health... Anxiety... Autism... Prostate... Multiple sclerosis... Lymphoma... Heart disease... Sports medicine... Smoking... Ear, nose and throat... Sleep... Liver disease...Lyme Disease...Hypertension... Depression... Allergy... Blood... Dentistry... Arthritis... Parkinson's disease... ADHD... Seniors...And Much More!

Conditions Improved & Quickly (Dr. impressed)

“A Photon Genius owner shared that one of her clients with cancer has made great improvements since starting Photon Genius SUPER SAUNA sessions. The doctor commented he’s never seen anyone in this man’s condition improve like this, and so quickly. She said lots of people are very interested and doing fantastic. And she said she is now SUPER busy every day!” K.G.